Services, Etc.

Mosaic Creative Services is a boutique consulting company that specializes in helping you engage your audience with your message – it’s all your words, your ideas, your goals – in a way that positions you in the best light to everyone.

If you have a specific project you’d like a bid on, just ask! I work with a variety of budgets to get you an end product that you’ll be happy with.

Business Services

  • Strategic PR Plans, including social media & traditional PR approaches
  • Press Releases – draft through publication
  • Website content
  • Newsletter articles
  • Blog posts
  • General writing & editing services (basically – if it needs to be written down so someone else can review it, I can write it)

Musicians and Artists

Looking for the perfect mini-bio for your Twitter page? Trying to take your one sheet from the trash can to the top of the pile? Mosaic can help take everything you’ve already written and edit it to engage your readers. Services include:

  • Customized Biographies suitable for all of your websites – All biographies come with 2 versions, a short version perfect to drop into cover letters and a longer version suitable for your Bio page on your website. And if you need it in 140 characters or less – I can help with that, too.
  • Cover Letters & One Sheets – When you can’t be there in person to look that promoter in the eye and explain why they need to book you for that show or give your music 5 minutes of their valuable time, your cover letter or one sheet has to do all the talking for you. I can evaluate what you’re using and help shape it into something that speaks for itself, or start everything from scratch.
  • Website Content – You have your music and a vision of how you want the world to know you. I can help put your ideas into the right words.
  • Tweets – launching a new tour or releasing a new CD? We can help you craft Twitter campaigns anywhere from seven to sixty days – or as long as you need them to be. I write it, you tweet it. It’s that simple.
  • Blogs – yes, blogs are supposed to be written by you, on the fly, when you’re balancing a guitar on one leg, holding a pencil in your teeth, and in the moment. I can help you keep your focus on your music while getting your message out there (and I’ll never tell you weren’t at the computer keyboard!)
  • Press Releases – Press Releases are still very much alive and kicking in today’s world – if you’re not using them to your advantage, you need to be.

All services are quoted by project and client, and I’ll work with you until it’s precisely how you want it. If you have questions about specific projects or a budget that you need to stay within, just email me at